“The Elusive Future of San Francisco’s Fog” – New York Times

If you follow theFrontSteps’ blog, you’d likely know I’m a bit of a weather geek – maybe more than a bit, actually. Weather influences all of our lives for sure, but my life and enjoyment of living depend on it.

A sunny day with east winds and waves hitting the beach that originated thousands of miles away, and you can find me surfing. A cloudy, rainy day here in San Francisco usually translates to a cold and snowy day somewhere in the mountains, you’ll find me skiing. A foggy day with enough wind to mess up the surf, and an open schedule, time to golf. No waves, no rain or snow, little time, and maybe some wind, mountain biking. The struggle is real trying to figure it all out! LOL! I often wish I played tennis or basketball…the court will always be there, can be indoors, and will never change.

Of course, you have to fit children, wife, school functions, property showings, open houses, tours, photography, offers, no offers, and all the other things that come with real estate, husbandry, and parenting into the mix, and you can see how complicated life can become when a lot of your life’s enjoyment and career is influenced by the weather. ;-)

So when John Branch contacted me off of this blog post I did over a decade ago about San Francisco’s weather, wind and fog and how it could influence your buying and selling decisions, I had a lot to say. I was very pleased to see the article was, in fact, not even remotely about the real estate market, and much more about climate and fog, and I’m thrilled to have been a part. You can read the story by following the link below (you might need a membership).

The Elusive Future of San Francisco’s Fog – New York Times

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