Maximum Overbid: Summer Slowdown Speeds Right Back Up

Looks like last week’s slow week for overbids was just that: A slow week.

This week on SF’s housing front everything is right back to the business of business as usual, with a top overbid that not only cracks 150 percent of the asking but also buried its previous record sale price.

1530 44th Avenue is one of those frankly under-appreciated Mediterranean Sunset homes, complete with vaulted ceiling and oversized picture window in the living room.

For a three bed, three bath house in SF these days the original list price of over $1.89M was admittedly a bit of a lowball, but when you consider that the last sale here was just $930,000 in 2014, doubling that seems like a reasonable formula if you don’t know any better.

The final price of $2.86M is actually more than triple the 2014 sale–because of course it is, why shouldn’t things still be nuts around here?

The previous owners remodeled the master bedroom and bathroom and, before that, the kitchen (we rarely see a building permit actually use the phrase “down to the studs”) which presumably juiced demand a little bit.

Will old habits–which is to say, wildly overbid home deals–keep dying hard all summer? Only one way to find out.

AddressBR/BA/UnitsDOMList PriceSold PriceOverbid
1530 44th Avenue3/3/N/A10$1,895,000$2,860,00050.92%
1537 Revere Avenue7/5/N/A14$995,000$1,490,00049.75%
498 Hoffman AvenueN/A/N/A/N/A82$1,795,000$2,415,00034.54%
1916 Great Highway Highway3/2/N/A13$1,950,000$2,575,00032.05%
571 Athens Street3/2/N/A15$959,000$1,250,00030.34%
2128 17th Avenue2/1/N/A15$1,298,000$1,670,00028.66%
763 17th Avenue6/2/N/A9$1,395,000$1,775,00027.24%
1912 9th Avenue6/3/N/A7$1,850,000$2,300,00024.32%
625 Campbell Avenue4/3/N/A32$1,468,000$1,768,00020.44%
1431 41st Avenue2/1/N/A6$1,295,000$1,550,00019.69%

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