Maximum Overbid: Where In SF Can You Find a Million-Dollar Listing?

The Bravo show Million Dollar Listing has been a consistent hit for about a decade now, but its San Francisco spin-off lasted only one season. Maybe the problem was the title: In SF, a million-dollar listing is probably selling itself short.

That was the case with this week’s top overbid, a two bed, two bath Outer Sunset setup at 1595 45th Avenue, which listed a mere eight days ago for $998K but sold this week for $1.7 million–because of course it did.

The thing is, last time this home sold it really was a million-dollar listing; in 2016, the going price was $950,000–reasonable at the time, but a real outlier kind of figure just a few years later.

For the curious, out of 1,894 San Francisco homes sold publicly since the beginning of this year, 253 of them have gone for $1 million or less. But note that almost all of those were condos and a great many of them were BMR deals.

AddressBR/BA/UnitsDOMList PriceSold PriceOverbid
1595 45th Avenue2/1/N/A8$998,000$1,700,00070.34%
1860 22nd Avenue4/2/N/A14$1,295,000$2,200,00069.88%
1450 43rd Avenue4/3/N/A3$1,295,000$2,200,00069.88%
1340 38th Avenue2/1/N/A6$1,098,000$1,818,00065.57%
1342 28th Avenue3/2/N/A8$1,695,000$2,570,00051.62%
1738 39th Avenue2/2/N/A5$1,095,000$1,625,00048.40%
20 Massasoit Street3/2/N/A7$1,950,000$2,800,00043.59%
4337 19th Street 4339N/A/N/A/N/A10$1,895,000$2,700,00042.48%
719 Olmstead Street2/1/N/A11$899,000$1,275,00041.82%
2251 47th Avenue3/1/N/A12$1,195,000$1,675,00040.17%

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