Maximum Overbid: “The Worst House” Doubles Its Money

Sometimes the real estate game is simple: All you have to do is predict the future.

That doesn’t require any special powers–just a reasonably good sense of the way things are going.

Case in point, back in September we featured 320 Day Street, a crumbling fixer advertised as “the worst house on the best block” in Noe Valley.

Despite the state of the property and the unusual frankness of the ad, we still predicted that it would eventually sell for well over its $995K asking price. And wouldn’t you know it: This week’s final sale nearly doubled the list price, closing for $1/97 million.

Did we read it in the stars? Nope–just in the marketplace.

No matter what it looks like, 320 Day Street is a prime location; changing the height or profile of the home or even just tearing down this teardown will invite classic SF neighborhood political gamesmanship, but such bids are more successful these days than they used to be.

But it’s not for us to guess what the new owners might have planned for this hot spot–our powers only extend so far.

AddressBR/BA/UnitsDOMList PriceSold PriceOverbid
320 Day Street0/1/N/A87$995,000$1,970,00097.99%
2331 46th Avenue3/2/N/A10$1,195,000$1,800,00050.63%
88 Stanford Heights Avenue3/3/N/A47$1,099,000$1,608,00046.31%
1463 Silver Avenue2/1/N/A12$898,000$1,270,00041.43%
3934 18th Street3/2/N/A9$1,995,000$2,750,00037.84%
988 Fulton Street1/1/2185$699,000$940,00034.48%
221 Foerster Street2/1/N/A11$1,099,000$1,475,00034.21%
241 Gates Street2/1/N/A34$899,000$1,200,00033.48%
559 Cordova Street3/1/N/A1$900,000$1,200,00033.33%
248 Valley Street3/2/N/A20$1,695,000$2,200,00029.79%

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