Tahoe Property With “Underground Lair” Plans Seeks $12.5M

One of our favorite sub-genres of home listings is incredibly ambitious and expensive luxury properties that have not yet actually been built but still seek millions of dollars.

You can find lots of these phantasmal gems in San Francisco, but we have to admit, this latest Tahoe listing in the town of Olympic Valley might beat all.

Not only does this $12.5 million offering cover a towering, six-story, space-age hillside lodge to peer over the ski slopes, but also an entire underground redoubt beneath them.

Just to assure us that the folks behind this know exactly what they’re doing, marketing materials even refer to the underground area as “the Bond lair.”

(Generally it’s the Bond villains who have lairs, but presumably it’s best not to specifically market to that demographic, assuming it exists.)

Right now the property at 245 Granite Chief Road consists of mostly just hills, overlooking a few scattered smaller homes on neighboring plots below.

This is not in fact the most expensive piece of undeveloped Tahoe property for sale right now, although it’s close–there’s one nearby Alpine Meadows plot that’s listed for several million more. But that comes sans designs for any kind of underground lair, Bond-related or otherwise.

We should note that while the listing itself is hazy, a closer look at the designs qualifies that the sellers are angling toward buyers interested in resort entertainment rather than just a private home, although the address does appear under residential listings as well, leaving the door open for an extremely particular kind of buyer to come along.

For the curious, Austrian design firm Obermoser & Partner contributed the Fortress Of Solitude-style architecture, creators of similar hillside retreats near their own home slopes.

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