Build-It-Yourself Noe Valley House Asks $2.49 Million

We know where you can get a deal on a house in Noe Valley, but the catch is that you’ve got to build it yourself.

Yes, it’s another “shovel ready” project for sale, this one at 942 Noe Street, just a few blocks from the main Noe Valley 24th Street strip.

Ordinarily that term means an empty lot with permits, but in fact there’s already a house at 942 Noe Street, as there has been for more than 115 years; the new designs are actually for a radical remodel, which will bump this formerly two bed, two bath house up to three beds and four baths.

Hopefully nobody was still attached to the old place, because “demolition of the interior has been completed,” per the ad, and yes, we checked: There are boards in the windows and a contractor’s sign in the yard, it’s a done deal in there, though the dramatic black and gold exterior is still in one piece.

The new plans include a wine cellar and mudroom, yours to build for $2.49-plus million. San Francisco designer Tracy Simmons has worked up a scheme for the new interiors, right down to designer light switches; only question is who wants to put the money in?

This place last sold in 2015 for just over $2 million; for the curious, the median selling price for a completed three-bedroom house in SF so far this year is over $1.77 million, but in this district it’s $2.5 million.

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