SF Overbids: “Fixer-Upper” Worth $1.45 Million Anyway

Most of the time, overbids in San Francisco clock within fairly modest margins. But there are always boom times, as this week’s overbids are going hard and not apologizing for it.

It’s a close race for first place, with two different sales cracking the 55 percent overbid margin. The top spot ends up being 64 Agua Way, a two bed, one bath Miraloma house from 1928 that very generously listed for less than $1 million but ended up taking more than $1.45 million anyway.

Why the six-figure initial offering? Well, the listing specified that the place is a “real FIXER UPPER” (caps in original) and featured absolutely no interior photos of any kind, which doesn’t grant a lot of confidence in the state of the property.

(For the record, the SF Department of Building Inspection does not have any complaints about this address on file…but then, DBI does not really get out to Miraloma very often.)

Not that it matters, since it was evidently just fine for the buyers, who drove it up to more than 56 percent of the asking–maybe that’s the upper part of fixer-upper.

AddressBR/BA/UnitsDOMList PriceSold PriceOverbid
64 Agua Way2/111$928,000$1,455,00056.79%
2016-2018 Hyde Street5/2/29$1,495,000$2,325,00055.52%
121 Theresa Street3/24$1,525,000$2,250,00047.54%
318 Hearst Avenue2/112$995,000$1,450,00045.73%
348 Eureka Street4/412$2,495,000$3,510,00040.68%
1738 17th Avenue3/216$1,095,000$1,500,00036.99%
737 Santiago Street4/314$1,195,000$1,625,00035.98%
1416 44th Avenue3/312$1,295,000$1,750,00035.14%
253 Chicago Way3/213$1,198,000$1,615,00034.81%
2226 22nd Avenue5/41$2,188,000$2,900,00032.54%

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