You Win Some (326 Capp), You Lose Some (3825 19th), And We Have Something For You

Just when I get quoted in the Chronicle saying the market is “Totally Random” this happens…

Well, technically the “totally random” quote came partly because of my experience getting a buyer in contract 4 weeks ago on this amazing home at 326 Capp (by way of beating out 7 other offers). We finally closed that one, so big congrats to my clients on that score. [Side note: you ever hear of neither, call it cash purgatory, and a totally different talking point reserved for another day.]

How sweet is 326 Capp? Check it out:

On the same day of finally getting that bad boy closed, this happened: 3825 19th St.

The property is listed at $2,295,000…probably a little low, but whatever…we submitted a cash offer, 7 day close, at $2,400,000. Well, as it turns out, they received 26 offers!! Are you kidding me!? I have no idea where it ends up, but I can tell you it’s gotta be over $3MM. Chew on that for a second…26 offers and the hype is only just beginning. In case you missed it, we had to go $1 million over on Capp to win…and 19th is probably somewhere close to that.

Anyhow, congrats to my buyers on Capp, and onward for my buyers on 19th St. And if you’re considering selling, now is a pretty darn good time. The little blip of Summer/Fall seems to be disappearing. This Spring will be a telling time.

On that note, we’re bringing a couple amazing homes to market:
64 Rosemont Place hits 3/15
-744 18th Ave. A single family 3 bed, 2 bath remodeled home with an amazing deck and yard is in my pocket at the moment. Price $2,000,000
-973a 14th St. A top floor two level 2 bed, 2 bath TIC with parking and jaw dropping views and South facing deck will be coming on in about a month. Price TBD but probably around $1.5/6
-Your home…when you’re ready. Or your friend’s home. :-)

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