In Real Estate, Size Does Matter

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I think the size of a dwelling is an important matter, especially in San Francisco. Would you start a thread? [We can try.]

‘I know my home is too small when ….’
and the twin post
‘I know my home is too big when …’


Okay, we’ll indulge first…I know my home is too small when I walk into a port-o-potty and think…”Wow! This is HUGE!”


On the other hand, I know my home is too large when I yell at my kids to “go to your room”, and they ask me where it is, and I can’t answer.

Your turn….

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5 thoughts on “In Real Estate, Size Does Matter

  1. ‘I know my home is too small when ….’ (real ones from my previous home)
    – the skis and the wedding dress are fighting for space at the back of the only master bedroom closet – along with the suitcases.
    – each room serves as at least 4 purposes (office=living=guestroom=playroom) (parents bedroom=kid bedroom=storage room=laundry room)
    – the restroom becomes the only private place in the home, the only place you can be alone with a key and a door to protect your sanity.

    ‘I know my home is too big when …’
    – I don’t have time to run for the cell phone before the voice mail picks up. (and sprain an ankle in the stairs at the same time) – if you hear the cell phone at all.
    – I need a tiny fridge in the nursery because the kitchen is too far to store the bottled breast milk.
    – I need to schedule flushing the toilets and fill up the traps in unused bathrooms
    – I need an Excel sheet with the closets assignment, so I can remember that winter clothing is stored in the peach bedroom.
    – there are more bathtubs that the number of occupants.
    – there are more than 20 times number of occupants lightbulbs. (30 for the first occupant)
    – there are rooms that you don’t use actively at least once a week (example: you read once a week a book for 30mn)
    – a real one in PacHeights: when you need to call the police, because nobody can find the child inside the house – he might have escaped – when finally, the police finds him in the playroom upstairs after sending 4 patrol cars around the neighborhood.

  2. I know my home is too big when…

    – I don’t just have one elevator but two.

    – I phone the kids on their cel to find out if their home.

    – My Master bathroom is bigger than the size of my very first apartment

    – The guest house is a 3 bedroom, two story self contained home capable of holding a small family

  3. Paul. what about needing a map for self to navigate your own ” Magnificent 2,500 Square Foot Master Suite ” -> read St Regis Penthouse post. ;)

    re: two elevators. I disagree. In San Francisco, many reasonable size homes (say under 2600sqft) are built on hills, and I’m thinking of several (Telegraph hill, south cow hollow, 22nd street etc) that are a pain without 1 elevator AND 1 dumbwaiter to manage the 60+ ft vertical design.

  4. Size really matter in real estate. But the most important thing is to know how to make the most use of it. People still take a fairly proportionate house and manage to make it look so small. The advice is to get rid of the belongings, knock down some walls and create light and space.

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