The Winners! San Francisco’s Sexiest Realtor 2008

What a battle it was, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and so is the case for our little ego boosting glam event that is the one and only San Francisco’s Sexiest Realtor Contest. We have to say the turnout this year blew away that of last year, and we thank all of those that participated.

With over 76,000 votes tallied, we’ve found two winners.

For the women, we’re proud to announce San Francisco’s Sexiest Female Realtor 2008….Miyuki “Mia” Takami of Paragon Real Estate.
It was an insanely close contest between Mia and Thena Luu DiNapoli, but somehow Mia was able to pull 600+ votes around in the final hours of polling. Truth be told, we were already resizing Thena’s photo for the win. Maybe this little plug had something to do with it, or maybe Mia’s fans were just a bit more fanatical than Thena’s. We’ll never know. What we do know is that Lee Bender surprised us all. Nice work Lee!

For the men, we’re proud to announce San Francisco’s Sexiest Male Realtor 2008…Milko Encinas of Herth Real Estate.
It was very surprising (although the same thing happened last year, so maybe we should learn to expect it) to see the men garnered WAY more votes than the women, and Milko handily defeated Rob La Eace by around 18,000 votes. It was close for a while, but then Milko just ran away with it.

It was fun to see the lead change multiple times in both the male and female contests.

Not only do our winners receive the coveted title of San Francisco’s Sexiest Realtor, but this year we’re throwing in a T-Shirt of their choice. Winners make sure to shoot us an email with your size and we’ll make sure to get you one. Also make sure to let us know if you want Real Estate Sucks (means “doesn’t suck” for those that don’t get blog humor) or Real Estate Sucks.

To all the other contestants, thank you soooo much for being good sports and having fun with this. Thanks to all those that voted, and thanks to all the sites that linked to us. We appreciate it.

We’ll see you same time, same place next year, so mark your calendars.

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night. See you in a week (or so, depending on the pow-pow gnar gnar dumping down in them thar hills).


6 thoughts on “The Winners! San Francisco’s Sexiest Realtor 2008

  1. Yeah 600+ votes in an hour isn’t fans, it’s cheating with bots.

    i guess she just wanted the title THAT badly.

  2. Lee, you are the true winner in my mind!

    As for the number of votes this year compared to last year…. I guess agents have a little extra time on their hands. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Happy holidays to all! Congrat’s to the winners.

    Alex, can you post the final tallies of each winner.

  3. Wanted it badly?
    Cheating? Him? Her? You? A free t-shirt?

    Hey Mr or Ms Irrelevant:

    600 votes is less than 1% of the total.
    And without a formal audit, nothing suggests
    or supports impropriety. Lots of votes were cast.

    Your last 3 great moments were the result of bots or cheating. Don’t blame the rest of SF.

  4. Thena,
    You had and will always have my vote. And by vote I mean my ONE unique VOTE. What exactly is a BOT and should I get one?
    Comment to all the voters out there:
    First great job rallying behind your candidate…that’s what the contest was intended for…to support your Realtor.
    Second, if you haven’t met Thena and were simply voting on a picture versus picture method than you really missed your chance to vote for the HOTTEST and SEXIEST Realtor.
    And BTW “sexy” isn’t just about images, to me a HARD WORKING DEDICATED REALTOR is very very sexy. And Thena, those of you that know her would agree, is a dedicated, hard working, competent, and YES a very good looking Realtor.

    Thena congrats for being such a great competitor, STANDING OVATION, and to your husband…one lucky guy…I’m sure he knows that.


  5. It’s not over till the recount is done. The Front Step canvassing board still has 5,000 challenged ballots that could potentially move the competition in either direction. Where are all the lawyers lining up by the door waiting to challenge the results? Nate Silver still has to chime in, too!

    Besides, what’s up with shaved heads taking first and second? I thought long hair was in for the 2009 season –

    In any case, congrats to all the winners. And we are still waiting for the concession speeches.

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