“That dog should be taco”

You’re probably wondering what the hell that quote has to do with San Francisco real estate. In this case, a lot. I’ll try to be as simple as possible.

If you own a unit in a condominium and happen to pass by when potential buyers are milling around enjoying the garden setting in the common area, and marveling at how quiet it is, do not come by and say, “Just wait for the parties from that blond girl (nodding head toward unit directly next door). And that dog (blond girl’s pet), oh!………..that dog should be taco.”

As much as you might hate one of your neighbors, it serves no purpose to vent your frustrations to complete strangers (buyers) that might become your neighbors. Their tolerance for noise is likely different than yours, and you never know, they might even love to party with blond girls (they do have more fun after all).

If anything, it is the worst thing you could do, because if the sale doesn’t go through based on what you just said, not only will I come break your knees with my cousin Vincenzo (a.k.a. Vinni), all of your neighbors might do the same, for you just might have caused a longer listing period and subsequent price reductions, which could, in theory, lower the price of your own personal unit when it comes time for you to sell…[insert choice explicative here]!

12 thoughts on ““That dog should be taco”

  1. Keep it out of the disclosures too — just lie about the square footage and pending lawsuits as well — shit – crime — there’s no crime in San Francisco

  2. It’s my experience that people who talk about turning dogs into tacos have, in fact, never had a dog taco; and people who enjoy dog tacos don’t care who lives next door.

  3. So you want people to lie about what a great place that building is ? And do random utterances really matter to a prospective buyer ?

    I smell desperation ….

  4. pardon, but blondes have more fun? like sparky and the astute dog taco observation , my experience with people who make this comment is that a) they are blondes and/or b) they have not partied with brunettes.

  5. on the topic of condos – out of curiousity, would you rather have a ‘virgin’ untouched garden level condo that needs work but move in condition (and slightly below market for a 3-bedroom 1 bath 12oo square feet) or a ‘done’ condo for a bit more $$? I’ve seen from previous posts that ‘Dwell’ renovations are no longer cool, is this truly the case?

  6. “Dwell” renovations are only not cool to folks who view property for fun on the Internet. Most people in real life still seem to really be into that style from what I’ve seen.

  7. @Anna,

    I am blond..sort of, but love to party wiTh brunettes…oh sh*t, who am I kidding…blonds too!


    No the market is not, but some buyers are, and when an owner is so off-base as to the reality of how unbelievably quiet that dog really is, they truly have a stick up their a$$. I’ve sold more than one unit in that building, and not once heard from other neighbors about said dog, or said blond.


    Same goes. Random utterances really don’t matter, in fact we had a good laugh about it, but the way the guy said it and totally out of the blue was just plain wrong.


    Totally depends on the buyer. Some want perfection, others want a little deferred maintenance to help weed out the competition.

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