Submedian is back, but “what’s the diff”?

Again, we say, “Lest you think we only report the positive,” we link to Submedian and What’s the diff.

And so you know what is so great:

So I’m perusing one of my favorite real estate blogs [theFrontSteps] (no, I don’t get paid to plug it, I really do like it) and I stumble across this whopper in the comments:

“I feel sorry for people who were tricked into renting for the past 5 years while SF prices continue to go up.”

That kind of broad, categorical, arrogant, and self satisfied comment deserves a reply that can match it ounce for ounce with pure snark. In other words, this was custom made for a blogger like me.

What’s the diff? [Submedian]

2 thoughts on “Submedian is back, but “what’s the diff”?

  1. I think it’s important to have free-to-affordable housing for all citizens. It is an outrage that there can be 40 year old renters, and at the same time 40 year olds who bought several years ago in their 30’s and making a ton of money in real estate. Wealth needs to be more evenly spread.

    Went to several open houses today and they were mad houses. People need to STOP spending money so prices can come down, and people need to STOP being so aggressive and ask for more money to keep rents high.

    Renters need to stick together. Thank you Alex!

  2. yep, par for the course. If you say “prices are going up all over San Francisco” and I point out that no, in fact, they aren’t, then I must be a hippie communist who wants free shit. The facts are tough, I know, and your pretty little head is getting all mixed up. Go back to your daydreams little one. Let the adults deal with reality.

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