I AM the greatest real estate agent in the world

Straight up WTF! “Greatest real estate agent in the world-Your name here”. Are you kidding? (Curbed is going to love this one.) It appears there is not actually a contest for who is in fact the greatest, rather who can send the most links. Well it’s working, because we’re linking to it.

First off, I am NOT a REALTOR, but I work with them every day. As I define it great real estate agents are great community builders…so what I am doing is offering a PERMANENT Top 10 post on my blog so you can say you are the GREATEST REAL ESTATE AGENT IN THE WORLD. You will be able to Google the phrase “GREATEST REAL ESTATE AGENT IN THE WORLD” and show potential clients your picture…what a conversation starter! *(NOTE: After the contest, this text will be edited out and ONLY your photos will remain, making you the GREATEST REAL ESTATE AGENT IN THE WORLD or at least one of the top 10!

The top 10 contributors to my TEAM Project win the Title! REMEMBER-Since I do NOT sell real estate, I am only helping YOU promote yourself! WIN-WIN!

Have we not already been through the problem with real estate agents, as we say, “jump claiming”.

Go ahead, click through. Show them who is the greatest real estate agent in the world, then tell us who is the sexiest real estate agent in the world and we’ll really have some fun.

8 thoughts on “I AM the greatest real estate agent in the world

  1. contests usually happen for reasons:

    1. Let’s give away something that really has no value to anyone.

    2. Let’s try to make some money and sell something I don’t need or want.

    3. Let’s drum up some business here since this site is failing fast.

    these are just my opinions. don’t get pissed off now.

  2. Thought I’d chime in here.

    This contest is purely for fun. At least that’s the idea. The prizes were thrown in after the fact. Take me for example. I’m not even going to accept the prize if I win. I’m doing it so I can dress up in stupid costumes and make cheezy rap music.

    – SEO Nick/Boris Yututeers

  3. It’s like the online workout for self-promotion… except that we get fat not fit and thus won’t be nominated for being the sexiest agents anytime soon.

  4. Some people like sailing, some like skiing and some like SEO. Humans are competitive by nature. You may race a friend down a hill while skiing with the prize being a beer. Is that a crime? This SEO contest is just a bunch of internet friends competing at something they enjoy. What’s the harm?

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