Comment du Jour: “I like park benches…”

Because we can’t possibly come up with all this good stuff on our own, and if you’re not in the comments, you’re missing out. This from “Dave” in Octavia boulevard, what happened?

I like the park benches they added right on the edge of the six lane “boulevard” [Octavia at Fell-Market area] where cars exit/enter the freeway. Nothing better than sitting there, inhaling exhaust fumes and contemplating life…


Well Dave, next time light up a fag (cigarette for all you non-Euro speakers), take a walk down the Boulevard, stop in at Blue Bottle, head to this park, and contemplate whether it is the male or female mutt that turns nice green grass brown. That or how such a nice park got ruined in such a short time. But make sure to watch your step, cuz that ain’t the only brown on the ground.

Octavia boulevard, what happened? [theFrontSteps]

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One thought on “Comment du Jour: “I like park benches…”

  1. This town is completely out of control with all the doggie people. I like dogs just as much as the next guy. OK, maybe a little less. Fuck it, a lot less. But for cryin out loud. It’s nuts sometimes. I have been invited to more than one dog birthday party. I kid you not.

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