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We’re having a really hard time getting back into the swing of blogging about real estate after a few days off. We have an Inbox full of tips and questions, but can’t for the life of us pull it together today, so we thought we’d get a little feedback. Feel free to start the year by giving theFrontSteps a good honest review either here in the comments, or on our recent Yelp Review.

What would you like to see more of in 2008?

What would you like to see less of?

Favorite posts?

Least favorite posts?

That kind of stuff. It will help make this site better. It’s a real estate democracy after all.

And yes…we’re going national with the Sexiest Realtor thing…it was a HUGE success and a lot of fun.

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9 thoughts on “Your Feedback is Appreciated

  1. I think your site is great. It’s nice to see a realtor that can write and provide insight in a fun way. I’d like to see more of what you used to do and that is highlighting specific properties. The downtown and new development stuff is tired, if you know what I mean. There are a lot of other people doing that. Your site has a good style and good voice. Keep that going and I’ll keep reading for a long time.

  2. I’d like to see a deep review at typical properties in SF – and how the one you visit compares to the typical one.


    tunnel entry in the sunset.

    typical: built in .. X BR Y BA, Z sqft. typical floor plan is (drawing)

    most likely improvements are: back basement turned into BR+BA.

    unlikely improvement (may + or – the price)

    not so desirable improvement: xyz

    expected expenses: new heater, new WH, new roof (flat tar)

    watch for: missing structural posts to create 2nd parking space

    orientation: south entrance may need additional drainage in the garden. west entrance need a good condition facade and weathered windows.

    typical price is x00-y00/sqft for an as-is house – add for new kitchen, bath etc.

    Variation: tunnel entrance in LoneMoutain (garage is most likely more xyz) , tunnel entrance in XYZ (garden is most likely steep) etc.

    etc for the few dozen “typical” properties that make most of the affordable housing in SF. I’m sure you can pull up a nice presentation, and readers will give some great feedback (like links to articles and photos, youtube videos of their own etc)

    I do believe this is important stuff to know, because even if you buy another type, the majority of the properties in SF have to deal with the same problem: 25/100. So there is not so many ways to bring light, and there is not so many ways to create ‘additions’. So understanding the floorplans, and nearly all the combo to deal with the size of the lot brings some nice background to look at the property you desire – and be creative in stretching your budget to meet your needs. (specially how to look at the middle room – is it a den? a dinning room? the nursery? can we make a spectacular improvment by reversing the floor plan? [bedrooms at the front] )

    Most of those floor plans worked for decade, and can still work today to meet our needs with a little shaking. And some improvments are so smart, why not plain “copy it” in your own home!

    Specially the kitchens and baths – which are the most needed and critical improvment in those houses (and most popular).

    (and yes, I’m plain fed up with the house and garden magazines who only deal with “by adding a small 1000sqft horizontal addition, they created a new kitchen and family room”. This is NOT practical, and most homeowners canNOT afford a 500-2000sqft addition in SF [lucky you if you can]).

  3. I think you should start talking in MUCH GREATER DETAIL about your little throw away comment of a few days ago about how it’s the right time to look at Tahoe. God knows I’ve been looking at Tahoe real estate virtually my whole life. (Long family story there…. anyway.) I have struggled to find a resource(s) to get decent info on the status of the market there. I need some help.

  4. i think you strike a good balance between humour/irreverance and good, solid info on RE in SF. so please, keep that balance going!

    i’m most interested in newsworthy recent sales, remodels, etc. in SF both for SFH and multi-units.

    also, it would be great to blog about all the independent SF investors/developers who have rehabed, renovated, flipped, TIC’ed, etc. property…there are alot that do that for a living. also, the small apartment owners who invest in SF would be interesting to cover in more details.

    as i am part of that development/investor group, i know a smattering of people who do the same…but we only seem to exchange info on deals, projects, etc. by happenstance. it would be nice to have a blog that hooks more of us up…although some are cagey with info on their deals…and then there are the others love to brag ;)

    one question out of curiosity- you don’t carry any ads on your blog…what’s up with that? i’m sure you could make some $$ with some modest google text ads. just curious about your blog strategy…if you do not mind sharing!


    [Editor’s note: As soon as I find time to move this blog to a new webhost, I’ll have Google Ads. Until then, enjoy the freedom of not seeing any. does not allow google ads.]

  5. i say don’t change a thing. you are doing all the right things, commenting on properties i care about, 1 mil to 2 mil in san francisco. the bigger ones are fun to dream about once in awhile. i like the way the site doesn’t get dragged into the crap that ss does everyday with armchair economists always telling us how their hindsight was spot on.

    keep up the great work!

  6. Hi Crockergal,

    Tahoe has been hurting for the past 12-18 months. I think there are some real opportunities to buy at a 10-15% discount from 1-2 years ago. The secondary home market, no matter how prime, always suffers more than primary residences in a soft market. It’s been dry the past two years too, but not this year so far!

    I think 2007 and this year is a pretty good time to start picking off desperate sellers. The Ritz Carlton is coming, and the north west end (Squaw/Alpine/North Star) will get a boost.

    Hey Alex, do you have the listing of 327 Locust St? I got a flier in the mail saying it sold for $200,000+ over asking. Was this a condo or SfH?



  7. Cool, i see it James. Just wondering if Alex has the MLS page, so it can show pictures etc. Obviously, it is an awesome location… so I guess it was listed for ~$1.8 mil, and sold for $2,050,00.

  8. I would like to see more ‘stalefish’ listings in SF. I would like to buy an investment property this year, especially with rates going lowering, and bonuses paid.

    I think there’s good opportunites everyday, just need some more prodding.

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