Millennium Tower 51st Floor Picture

You know we have Millennium Tower wired (literally and figuratively). How else do you think we got this picture of the views from the 51st floor on such a nice day?


We’ve also been told construction is up to the 52nd floor. There are some fabulous units still available, and we have to say, the “City Residences” get our vote.

As for the picture above, we’re guessing the views from this “C” unit below (2 bed, 3.5 bath, 2819 sqft.) might look something like that, and the price will be upwards of $3M…if not more (try $4M), a lot more, but we’re just guessing, so don’t quote us on that.


And to answer the inevitable, no we are not on the sales staff. We just happen to get excited about sweet property like this and all the other places we talk about.

Millennium Rising…and Selling Rather Quickly [theFrontSteps]

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