Fixer Facing Foreclosure: an Update (455 Vernon)

Price then for this lovely home in Merced Heights, $695,000. We were told recently they just had a “$125,000 price reduction to $600,000”, (We’re assuming that math is from an “original price”.) So there you have it, 455 Vernon is now $600,000.


We still have dibs on that truck.

Fixer Facing Foreclosure: Move Fast! [theFrontSteps]

455 Vernon [listing detail]

One thought on “Fixer Facing Foreclosure: an Update (455 Vernon)

  1. Was there a price reduction on the truck? If so, I’ll take it! (j/k)

    Hey Alexander,

    I recently came across your blog…don’t know how really amidst the endless blogosphere…but I like the writing style here.

    I’ll be reading you around! (so-to-speak)

    [Editor’s note: Awesome! Look forward to it. Feel free to send some industry knowledge our way.]

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