It’s nice to see the tips coming in, especially the ones we know you’ll love.

This beauty at 455 Vernon in Merced Heights is definitely a fixer (we Realtors call this “deferred maintenance”), apparently facing foreclosure, and needs to be sold quickly. Go on, tell us you’re buying it. List price: $695,000.


Dibs on the truck!

455 Vernon [mls]


  1. 595, ok. 695, maybe. 795 not interested, but 895?!?!

    Is there something special about this ugly neighborhood, or ugly property that I am not seeing that makes it worth nearly a million dollars? I’m serious. Educate me.

    [Editor’s note: “List price: $695,000”. You trying to trick us, or know something we don’t and not sharing?]

  2. Yikes!

    No, just posting too early in the morning while browsing on a phone screen before my eyes have figured out how to focus yet. Sorry about that…

    I stand by my *maybe* assesment though. It doesn’t strike me as a home run that’s for sure. Talk em down a hundred k and then you might have something.

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