Them folks over at sfnewsletter are at it again with a nice addition to their Tour de San Francisco (real estate), with their look at Westwood Park.


If you’ve ever wanted to get a grasp of all the tiny little pockets of San Francisco, that is the place to do it. They’re a long way from complete, so best you get involved now.


  1. Alex, thanks for this truly fantastic effort. There are so many neighborhoods here that people know nothing about.

    For example, a colleague of mine who has lived in the Marina for the past 7 years, had no idea that a neighborhood called Forest Hill (where we live) existed !!

    [Editor’s note: That doesn’t surprise me. Thanks for the thanks. It is a big effort indeed, but we’ll make it to the end. It helps if you spread the word about this site, the tdsf site, and sfnewsletter. Otherwise, it’s Mexico…or bust!]

  2. If I were to go down to the Marina with a clipboard and ask 100 people where just about any neighborhood in areas 3 or 4 are located I bet the success rate would be sub-30 %.

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