SF could use a little NYC“.


Short and sweet. We liked it, we’re running it, and a huge thanks to all the people around the country (noticed NYC, Chicago, SF for sure) who commented on our most popular post ever, Battle Royale: San Francisco or New York City, if you had to choose. We were pleasantly surprised with the number of New Yorkers who chimed in to help my quest for the best coffee in NYC. I’ll have to give them a try.

One comment

  1. Coffee In NYC:

    there is a small independent coffee importer called Puerto Rico Coffee Company and they have a few shops in the city that probably have the best olfactory memories for me in the city with their overwhelming sense of coffee smell. If you love coffee you owe it to yourself to walk in to this place and just take in the aroma of their beans. They also have a little known coffee bar in the back that sells some of the best drip and expresso in the city. Very nice!


    There is also this great little bohemian / avant guard coffee shop / art galary on Green Street in Soho that has a great cup of coffee and is a local hangout for NYU students. I think its called “Space”



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