new space challenge, and reason we live here #8

Guess what this space is going to be, and where it is, and forever feel like a bad ass. Feel free to pass this on, and spread the love. There might be something in it for the correct answer.


Here’s a hint…it might leave you feeling BLŪ, could help a hangover, can be addictive, and will definitely draw a crowd. I’m making it too easy for you. I’m off to NYC until 10/13/2007. Answer, and more posts when I return!

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7 thoughts on “new space challenge, and reason we live here #8

  1. aaaawwwwwwww sh*t! lemme guess, lemme guess. i’m the first one, so if i get it right, what do i win?

    i’m going to guess that the photo above is a ground level space in the mint plaza (jessie street) and is going to be a place where i can get the best coffee in town. perhaps a new orleans iced coffee? BLUE BOTTLE!!!!

    did i win? did i?

  2. The best coffee in town is served at Philz on 24th @ Folsom. I cannot stress checking it out at least once if you have not.

  3. Not to get off the topic… but I agree on Philz. My tokyo-ite friends would come to SF, and out of the blue would ask me to take them to Blue Bottle. Apparently there is a little cult following of sorts there among the Harajuku crowd for a strange dude in SF that makes coffee in a garage while listening to Spanish flamenco music. But as a good host I always introduce them to places that are so local that they are not yet discovered in the Harajuku travel rags in Tokyo. So I take them to Philz, Ritual, and – given Roman food is a big deal there – A16.

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