1326-28 15th Avenue: A Done Deal in the Inner Sunset

We showed it to you first, and before and after, then we bet on it, and now it’s closed…1326-28 15th Avenue is a done deal, and none of our readers guessed the sales price. In fact, we didn’t even come close, either. It might not actually be marked sold in MLS yet, but we know the scoop, and unfortunately we can’t give you all the dirt. What we can tell you is that they were asking $1,385,000, it went for over $1.6MM, received 11 offers and was only on the market 5 days.

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One thought on “1326-28 15th Avenue: A Done Deal in the Inner Sunset

  1. $1.6 mil, not bad! Or, at least $1.6 mil right? [editor’s note: That’s what we were told…over $1.6]
    Pretty interesting noow SFH row homes in the Sunset are now over $1.5 million. That equals Marina/Cow Hollow prices from a couple years ago. Now $1.5 mil only gets you a nice 1,500/sqft flat in 94123.
    Location is not bad for that area, but i just feel so depressed living out there with the fog. Today was a lovely day in the eastern part of SF, but fog city elsewhere.
    Very nice rehab. Sellers in 1999 may be kicking themselves. Actually, anybody who sold in 1999 and rented since then are kicking themselves.

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