Vizzie my house!

What do you think of advertising listings in this manner? I guess if you have a hot, sexy voice, or a voice like Darth Vader’s (James Earl Jones), it could be effective, and get you in the mood….to buy property of course! But does the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” apply here, or is the added voice walk-through helpful?


Regardless, the place looks sweet and unfortunately doesn’t have parking, but who needs a car in this city anyway? I just must add…Starbucks? Come on! There are way better coffee choices around there than that.

In case clicking on the picture doesn’t work for you [1628 Broderick]

12 thoughts on “Vizzie my house!

  1. the tour doesn’t do it for me personally (i can click through my own pictures and i don’t need to hear the realtor rhetoric–reading it is MORE than enough), but then again, it wasn’t made for me.

  2. I’s bad enough to have to actually read the drivel the realtors write when they describe a know..”cute, charming, quaint, adorable..” blah blah blah…

    sounds like a bunch of stuffed toys found abandoned in a ditch.

    and now, to have actually HEAR the words being said..

    god, I hope that doesnt catch on. stick to the facts, describe the property as it is.

  3. I DIDNT LIKE IT AT ALL!!! it could work – but this attempt is a bad one – the text is a total miss.

    She should have made the visit as in an open house, not add the typed text from a picture only slideshow. -> tour in a “geographic” way as in enter the building FIRST then take the rooms in their order. And no open house ever tours the ‘hood and its cafes and restaurants.

    If an agent wants to go that way – do the tour 3 times to someone and record your voice – then listen to the tape, and write a clean script as close to the tour as possible (assuming that you can actually do a great tour)

  4. I agree with Sophie that the tour should take place in some logical order so you get a sense of the flow of the space. As for touring the neighborhood, lots of RE agents do that through the pics they post on the MLS so that’s nothing new.

  5. You know, Jim Cramer ( that crazy but well informed stock guru on tv) may be right.

    Don’t buy now. you may be seeing a big loss in the near future.

    Here’s my advice. R E M O D E L.

  6. My two cents, since I can’t hold back. It makes me gag. The background music brings tears to my eyes, but I think it must work, or else the company would be out of business. Maybe it’s too soon to tell.

    Somebody else should be reading that, like the guy that does all the movie trailers. Scare you into buying it.

    Not my cup of tea…not even close.

  7. Man, there is so much opportunity for a good RE website for stuff like this. Even Redfin is like a tarted-up MLS. Thankfully, but still. I’m thinking every RE company has Not-Invented-Here Syndrome and has to make their own half-assed site with silly “innovations” like having the Admin Assistant read a script in between freshening up the coffee pots.

  8. I am in the marketing business so I hate being marketed to (or at). But I don’t blame this bad Flash spot on the technology. Let’s remember that the service provider (vizzie) is just there to provide the technology and the enabling services. The Flash spot will only be as good as the capabilities of the listing agent. I think Vizzie can potentially make their service more valuable to agents if they offer professional voice overs for an additional service fee so we don’t have to hear Minnie Mouse voices. But it’s really the content, from the agent, that will make or break the spot. I personally would much rather the agent just focused on facts about the house, the flow of the layout, and perhaps how much the previous owners treasured the place and how much effort they put into restoring it (the nostalgia factor and the connection with the past), then I would have gone, “Wow. That’s cool.”

    But instead, I was turned off by the marketing fluff. The agent should remember: Don’t market — INFORM!

    [Editor’s note: Great comment! Well said. Thanks, and can you help with SEO? ;-) ]

  9. My mistake this is one the professional voice overs. One thing is for sure don’t leave your marketing up to a programmer. :-)

    Another example


    [Editor’s note: Going to be up on the front page tomorrow. Tell all your Sydney friends.]

  10. pretty stunning indeed. And it sure beats the “music” fashion we were debating.

    I really do like the instant chapter access (the bottom row of circles). It transforms the presentation from “yeah yeahh” to “I can watch this”.

    Now. Do I want to see this option for every single house on the market. NO!

    Leave it for those houses “visit with apt only” (aka the luxury properties).

    BTW, this is only KenBurns effects at most. including some 2-3 seconds actual films would be nicer – specially including the front door/front step/threashold – the single 3 seconds that make you love or hate the place.

  11. real vizzies or clones? Now you can surf the MLS on youtube !!!

    type “Real Estate Homes for Sale San Francisco” for a long list of listings (always by same people, same voice etc)

    :-/ ( <- not sure what to think about that)

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