Bucking a trend? (2224 Clay St.)

Spotted by Kenny and mentioned in “Keep pumping the bull shit and the public will keep buying it”, we now bring 2224 Clay St. to the front page for all to see. We keep telling you, the comments are loaded with information. We encourage you to contribute to, and learn from them.

2224clay rendering from MLS

“Real quick, here is a quick example of one property that may (or may not) be an indicator of high ticket properties in A-level S.F. areas holding strong, 2224 Clay.

Wow. Marketed right in the thick of the doom and gloom [for $3,275,000], and this property gets into contract after one showing, Tuesday’s tour. Anybody see the place? Was it special enough to buck a trend? The pictures don’t seem to do it justice.”-Kenny

[Update: Thanks to annono in the comments, we now know three offers were received…wow! And now you know too.]

2224 Clay St. [MLS]

13 thoughts on “Bucking a trend? (2224 Clay St.)

  1. What trend is this bucking? Priced at under 1k psf in a great part of town. I drove by this place and its nice looking and on a nice street. Considering 50% of this price will get you a condo fixer on Sacramento street this seems like it was priced to sell and get multiple offers. $3.5-3.5 is my guess on final selling price.

  2. Anybody know the scoop on 245 Alhambra St. 94123? Sold last year for $2.695 mil or something, and I could have swore i saw it on MLS for like a week, and then it disappeared.

  3. PUD stands for Planned Unit Development…special planning and building code requirements for this type of project, usually multi-unit..large scale.

  4. No PUD, as in Phil Kaplan of the F*Company fame. Did he really show up here at 1:24pm? Will he add Country Wide Financial to the F*Company list?

    [Editor’s note: It’s possible, but the only way to find out is to ask him yourself, and of course let us know the answer.]

  5. oh, the trend it would be bucking would be the “I’m too scared to buy right now” trend. The trend it seems to support is the “Great properties in A level ‘hoods continue to perform” trend.

  6. The high end plays by its own rules. There are enough very wealthy people out there to create a completely different market the farther you get away from median prices. The disparity ebbs and flows, though. In Manhattan, that $1mm condo in South Beach might cost closer to $3mm. I expect that differential to narrow now that Wall Street is a little less robust than it was a year ago. Plenty of people will fan out from Manhattan with their newfound wealth and discover that they can by 3x the house in SF, or 6x the house in Seattle for the same money. Quite possibly, this will keep the high end doing quite well while median prices plod along.

  7. I think 245 Alhambra sold for over $2.825 this week after selling for $2.695 million. Buyer didn’t even move in. Barely hit MLS and sold without a proper showing. Nice place.

    would be nice to get the MLS link Alex if you have it.

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