Stump the Stammtisch: Lot in Bernal, now developed…available?

You stumped the Editor, that is for damn sure, but we have pretty good distribution and our Stammtisch is growing, so maybe they, or a reader, can help. Thanks for asking.

Hi There –

Love your site. I have a question that maybe you might be able to answer. I live in bernal heights and take the 67 almost every day through the neighborhood. A few years ago a plot of land on Ripley street sold and was dormant for quite some time. It is located between Alabama and Folsom street on Ripley, sandwiched between two beautiful, modern houses with amazing views. About a year back two side by side units started construction. I was frothing at the mouth hoping they would come to market (at least one) because they look as sweet as can be. One now looks complete and it appears that somebody has moved in there but the other one is under construction. I was curious if you knew anything about these properties and if the second one was going to be for sale.

Thanks much

Reader, can you tell us if it is the red or blue arrow, or neither, or go to the map and pinpoint the lot for us. That might help…or an address (next time you’re on the 67.)

[Update: From the reader…”The RED arrow is the correct one… It is next to a super modern rust/brown/red house. So it is the lot closer to Alabama. It was the first open lot you would see going from Alabama to Folsom on Ripley. So Red is the one.”]


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  1. i have seen these two developments, and yes, they are beautiful and i was wondering if they would come on the market so to get a peek into the design and get ideas for my own place! i think the properties are where the blue arrow is alex. not sure of the address either, sorry!

  2. While viewing an open house recently at 130 Ripley, I talked to the contractor for the new house under construction (red arrow). He said that he expected the house to sell for about 2M.

    On a side note, how much do you guys think 130 Ripley went for? I would think 1.15M. –>

  3. hi everyone,

    the one the original poster is referring to is a lot with two homes being built on it. so whether it’s the blue or red arrow i don’t know.

  4. wow. 130 ripley. In ’05 it sat on the market for three months. After a price reduction it sold for barely over asking. Now it gets snapped up in two weeks. $1.15 sounds about right.

    How did it double in square footage tho? LOL.

  5. The two houses are 175 & 179 Ripley. 179 was completed and sold by the owner. 175 Ripley is not for sale. My partner and I are having this built for ourselves. We already live in Bernal and jumped at the chance to build our dream house in the neighborhood we love. Thanks for the kind words.

    I have to say, the neighbors have been great through this entire process. We are really excited to move in. If anyone wants to talk to me about bulding or remodeling. I am happy to talk. (Bernal residents should be aware of special use district requirements and neighborhood design review requirements).

    James Maxwell, Coldwell Banker 415-338-0155

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