The Potrero (451 Kansas) South Building Now Selling

Just a quick little note letting you all know the Potrero has begun selling homes in their south building. They also appear to be offering the same limited time offer as they were on the north building back in May. That offer being 2 years of HOA dues, a refrigerator, washer and dryer at no charge. [Update 7/16/07: According to a reader, that deal has ended.]

We’re just excited to be able to throw out the sweet renderings from zūm llc again:




As soon as we can get some pricing and details on these units for you, we will post what we find out.

[Update 7/5/07 12:23pm:

The South Building will be a mix of units with views of the bay and downtown (select units).

-Studios from $459,880

-1bed, 1 bath from $628,880

-1bed + den, 1 bath from $689,880

-2bed, 2 bath from $795,880

This release also includes the last of the remaining Town Homes.

-ONLY three 3bed, 3 bath Town Homes remain: priced from $955,880 – $988,880

The 2 years paid HOA, Refrigerator, Washer & Dryer are only good for one final weekend July 6 – 8th. After the 8th of July the current incentives will no longer be part of any offering. That’s what we know, as that’s what we’ve been told.]

The Potrero [website]

the Potrero [theFrontSteps]

5 thoughts on “The Potrero (451 Kansas) South Building Now Selling

  1. “The Potrero” development is a great example of new urban infill architecture…

    Fresh, clean, modern design, with not a hint of Victorian paste-on trim that our talented Planning Department usually insists upon.

    This is an example of the “new modernism” that creates it’s own sense of place, and expresses residential living in a hip and easily understood architecture. I like the use of just a few exterior materials to express various units, and the composition of windows and setbacks breaks up the bulk.

    The interior courtyard is going to be a real special oasis for those those who live there.

    This is architecture that will become enhanced and enriched as the new residents bring it to life. Simple style that doesn’t brag or seek to impress, but rather uplift the spirit, and the neighborhood around it.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the courtyard. However, word on the block is that they might not allow grills on outside patios.

  3. Is it just me, or am I the ONLY one who ever cares or talks about design and quality of life, with regard to SF real estate???

    Or maybe I’m just talking on the wrong blog..

    Seems to me, most of you are just ga ga about the numbers, the profits, and days on the market…

    there is more to life than just money.

    [Editor’s note: Duggo, we’ve only been live at this domain for 1.5 months…give it time and your kind will show up. Or better yet, tell every architect you know about us, and have a ball debating the merits of design. We have some friends at Dwell, we’ll see if they can help us out, because you are right…there is much more to life than money, and talking design is essential. We’ll work on getting some more “design” focused posts going for you, and you alone…and all the friends you invite over. ;-) Feel free to send us something to post too.]

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