2340 Larkin #2…an update, and $296,000 price reduction.

We’re slowly getting back into the swing of daily posting about real estate and still very much a construction site over here at theFrontSteps, so what better way to kick things off with a post about how utterly and completely wrong we were, and it isn’t the first time.


The update for 2340 Larkin #2 is a massive $296,000 price reduction from the original asking price of $2,295,000. The new sleaker price of $1,999,000 should certainly attract some attention (no we’re not bettin’ on that.)

Don’t haul off and panic and think the market has tanked. A big price reduction like this often brings buyers out of the wordwork and more often than not, the price gets driven right back up to where they started. Strange…we know…but true. Again, we’re not bettin’ on it, but we’ll certainly keep you posted and let you if it is officially a Stalefish. (We got permission from sfnewsletter to use the Stalefish term, because we know them. ;-) )

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