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Thanks to “Boom”, who commented on one of our posts, and provided us with this link to the latest Bay Area Home Sale Activity for April 2007, which we copied below to show you just how San Francisco stacked up to the same month last year. [source: Data Quick]

Our problem with relying on zip code data for median prices and market trends in San Francisco is the fact that the zip code doesn’t necessarily jive with the neighborhood and common type of property being purchased in those areas.  Examples: 94115 is Pacific Heights, but it also includes Lower Pacific Heights and the Western Addition; 94110 is the Mission, but also Bernal Heights; 94121 is Central and Outer Richmond, but also Sea Cliff.  See where we’re going with this?  

Regardless, here are some cool “real time” graphs you might find interesting as well. (Graphs are only for Single Family Residences.)

Innner Richmond, Laurel/Presidio Heights

Central/Outer Richmond, Sea Cliff

Marina/Cow Hollow


Pacific Heights, Lower Pacific Heights, Western Addition

Mission, Bernal Heights,

Noe Valley, Corona Heights, Duboce Triangle

Mission Bay/Potrero Hill/SOMA, South Beach

South Beach, SOMA, Financial District

If you’d like your zip charted, contact us.

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[image sources: Data Quick; and Altos Research]

3 thoughts on “Stats & Numbers

  1. For some reasons, my comments didn’t go through last night.

    This data is interesting, but obviously is not complete. Things are eradict from month to month.

    What is telling is if you find a zip that has both up volume AND higher median prices, and lower volume AND lower median prices.

    I enjoy the homes in 94123 (Cow Hollow/Marina), and I do notice a 10% uptick in volume, and a 35% uptick in median prices. Obviously prices aren’t up that much, but showing an uptick in volume and prices is telling.

  2. 2214 Clay St. Sold in 3 days, $322K over asking to $5.32 million with a free month rent back for the sellers. Very niiice.

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