Local Brokerage Opening 2523 California Street Location

Zephyr Real Estate will be opening its doors at 2523 California Street at Steiner tomorrow (5/17/07).  If you go to 2525, you’ll find it too. ;-) They also have a space directly across the street. The digs are very nice! Modern, clean, new, high-tech, sporting Hermann Miller chairs, and basically pretty sweet! Go stop by and say hi. Watch for Zephyr to be breaking into that Pacific Heights listing inventory. They’ve had success in all of the offices they’ve opened around the city, so what’s stopping them from going into the “North End” and being successful?
In other Local Brokerage news, in case you missed it, B.J. Droubi was purchased by Coldwell Banker. Droubi agents have been asked which CB office they’d like to inhabit, but many will probably go to their Market St. location. As you can imagine the recruiting brokers of all the other Brokerages in town are anxious to get their hands on the star agents from Droubi. We wish them all luck and look forward to working with the agents regardless of which offices they choose.

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