3711 Clay…Last Update…Since You Asked

As if you’re not getting tired of hearing about this place already…we are. This will be the last update to this previous post, 3711 Clay…and Another Heart Broken, and the update that followed. Sales Price: $2,825,000 (we’re told) from a $1,950,000 asking…and it was a “total fixer”. Done Deal.

2 thoughts on “3711 Clay…Last Update…Since You Asked

  1. Wow, nice! $2.85 million… add a million, so total cost after 8 months of remodelling about $4.1 million…. NOT BAD! Should be able to sell for $5 million if the new owners wish.

    Anybody see 2204 Green St., the 3/2 condo with views? Asking was $1.795 million, went for $2.05 million! Niiice.

  2. Just a heads up. A friend of mine who was a bidder said his contractor would have to spend over 1 year and 2.5-3 MILLION to fix it up, and not just 1 million! WOW!
    [Editor’s Note: WOW! is right. Thanks for letting us know.]

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