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Here We Go Again With The Lending

Intercepted from inter-office emails: Great News, We are now offering Fannie’s new HomePath loan program! Let your clients know these improved loan terms to generate new business. Essentially, the program has the clients using Fannie loans to buy foreclosed properties owned by Fannie, therefore Fannie gives improved loan terms to the buyer. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: -97% […]

Dark Thoughts For A Friday: Stock Guy On Real Estate

So we gave you Deep Thoughts already today, but deep thoughts are usually followed by dark thoughts, so why not give you some of them too. From a stock guy to us investors (in stocks): About the market: My primary thesis is that we are now into one of the primary home selling months, May, […]

18 Offers On That!!!?

It might not be your cup of tea, but 18 buyers showed up to the recent tea party at 274 De Long (4 bed, 2 bath, Single Family in the “Outer Mission”…as pertains to the SFAR Districts Map…think more Crocker Amazon/Oceanview), and 17 of them will go home empty handed and hungry. — We know […]

4,000 Football Fields Worth Of Foreclosures

From our friends at “Every home for sale… (Well almost…)” We bring you their future blog post (how nice of them to let us post it first). Roost muscled through a large number of public sources of information and found well over one thousand towns/cities across the US that have more square feet tied […]

Obama Wants to Jump in on the Real Estate Crisis. Which Way shoul...

You might have already read Alex Clark’s article on the Bush plan to help homeowners, named optimistically “Hope for Homeowners.” Commenters on that post were less optimistic. Seems a lot of lenders won’t touch the program, though that might be because the program itself is new and everyone is so gun-shy right now. That leaves […]

With the Bad Comes the More Bad: Foreclosure Scams on the Rise

Since we’re members of the California Association of Realtors and our goal is to educate the public as much as possible, we thought we’d share this article about how to protect yourself from the recent rise in foreclosure scams.  This article was written by the C.A.R.  All credit goes to them.  INTRODUCTION REALTORS® commonly consider […]

Notice To Begin Foreclosure Proceedings: Sincerely, Your Bank

Ever wondered what a letter from a lender to a homeowner would read when they’re about to foreclose your house? Wonder no more. This came to us via the intertubes (re-typed for privacy…of course). From Wells Fargo Home Mortgage to Homeowners THIS LETTER IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. THIS IS NOT A DEMAND FOR PAYMENT. […]

What to do when your BFF Forecloses

From “S”: What do you do when you go to visit some close friends or extended family (people you really care about) and for convenience, meet in a restaurant. They announce they are packing and moving. You Zillow/Trulia them, and sure enough, the house just foreclosed. It’s the family house they’ve owned for many, many […]

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