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Here We Go Again With The Lending

Intercepted from inter-office emails: Great News, We are now offering Fannie’s new HomePath loan program! Let your clients know these improved loan terms to generate new business. Essentially, the program has the clients using Fannie loans to buy foreclosed properties owned by Fannie, therefore Fannie gives improved loan terms to the buyer. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: -97% […]

Ask Us: Lending On Homes Over $1,000,000

Where readers ask and we (the community) try to answer. Can you have someone, maybe “the banker”, speak to the loan environment and requirements for loans on homes over 1 million dollars? Thanks. Banker? You reading? You can either send us your answer via email, or post in the comments and we’ll cut/paste to the […]

What a shame. . .

I recently inquired with Alex if I could post on theFrontSteps. I have written in the past, actually have a degree in writing, but more than that, I think this site is well thought, well done, and has gathered a nice following. My buy cialis online name, TheBanker, generic propecia online says it all. I […]

Explanation of why banks have gone under or merged

This by Marc Herrenbruck (No way I could come up with this!): “Crazy times. Whatever the political posturing, a plan needs to be passed. Credit markets are frozen and banks are going bust every day. This is not totally because of “toxic” mortgages. This has a lot to do with FASB 157, also known as […]

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