Notice To Begin Foreclosure Proceedings: Sincerely, Your Bank

Ever wondered what a letter from a lender to a homeowner would read when they’re about to foreclose your house? Wonder no more. This came to us via the intertubes (re-typed for privacy…of course).

From Wells Fargo Home Mortgage to Homeowners


The above loan file has been referred to our attorney with instructions to begin foreclosure proceedings.

You are hereby notified that, due to the default under the terms of the mortgage or deed of trust, the entire balance is due and payable.

If you have any questions, please contact our attorney listed below:
Jane, Attorney at Law

In the event you are experiencing an involuntary inability to pay and wish to explore an opportunity to reinstate, or need assistance in selling your property, please contact our offices at (800) 555-5555 and request to speak to one of our Borrower Counseling Representatives.

If you received a discharge in bankruptcy from personal liability for this mortgage loan, you should be aware that the mortgage or deed of trust remains as a valid lien against the property and will be foreclosed. Please be advised that in the event of foreclosure, you would not be personally liable for any part of the debt, but you will lose your interest in and right to the property.

Foreclosure Department

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2 thoughts on “Notice To Begin Foreclosure Proceedings: Sincerely, Your Bank

  1. that sucks. i got a call from a wells fargo banker a few weeks ago since they have my second. they asked if i needed any money. i thought that was kinda cool.

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