Maximum Overbid: From $27K to $1.65M

This week’s top overbid really is a product of another time: The two-week Parkside sale at 2626 26th Avenue listed for just under $1 million but ended up clearing $1.65 million, making the initial offer look downright naive.

But maybe that’s because this true blue, two bed, one bath cottage really hasn’t been sold in generations–per the tax records, the last recorded sale at this lot was for just $27,000, and the assessment on the place after all of these years was less than $69,000.

It seems this was a real, classic American Dream sort of setup that’s stayed with one household for decades. But the long, longtime owner died at the end of last year and prompted this sale now.

So few things come down to us from generations past this intact that if you’re the dreamy sort, it can’t help but make you wonder what the city will be like the next time this house trades hands.

Practical types, on the other hand, can just marvel at the value of the deal in front of us now.

AddressBR/BA/UnitsDOMList PriceSold PriceOverbid
2626 26th Avenue2/1/N/A14$998,000$1,655,00065.83%
4439 24th Street2/1/N/A1$1,699,000$2,650,00055.97%
248 Cumberland Street2/2/7$1,325,000$1,955,00047.55%
1578 47th Avenue5/3/N/A9$1,450,000$2,107,20045.32%
574 46th Avenue3/2/N/A9$1,595,000$2,280,00042.95%
511 Congo Street2/1/N/A10$1,049,000$1,485,00041.56%
278 Ralston Street3/2/N/A11$995,000$1,400,00040.70%
2655 Harrison Street3/2/N/A3$1,995,000$2,750,00037.84%
152 Tiffany Avenue2/1/12$799,000$1,100,00037.67%
731 23rd Avenue2/2/N/A13$1,528,000$2,100,00037.43%

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