Maximum Overbid: Doubling Your Money In Just Nine Short Years

San Francisco is always changing: For example, there’s the case of this week’s top overbid, a two bed, one bath Outer Sunset beach house at 2142 44th Avenue.

The final sale price of more than $1.45 million is well over 162 percent of the asking price from the end of February–a mere $895K.

Again, this seems like another one of those homes that may have been suspiciously underpriced to begin with; however, that $895K does seem more on-brand if we consider this home’s most recent previous sales activity.

Last time this place went on the market was 2013, when it sold for just $637K. Is that number a mistake? Was this home a teardown back then?

No–it’s just that in Q1 of 2013, the median price for a house in SF was still $850K.

It’s hard to know how to feel about a stat like that now: On one hand, that number was at the time considered completely out of hand, but by modern standards it’s a pipe dream. For that matter 2013 was not all that long ago–but at the same time it’s nearly a decade in the past.

In any case, it seems the lucky seller of 2142 44th Avenue has learned the most reliable way to double your investment: Buy in San Francisco, and then just wait a decade or so.

AddressBR/BA/UnitsDOMList PriceSold PriceOverbid
2142 44th Avenue2/1/N/A10$895,000$1,451,00062.12%
479 37th Avenue4/2/N/A13$1,888,000$2,888,00052.97%
1618 Church Street3/1/N/A4$1,695,000$2,500,00047.49%
1535 31st Avenue2/1/N/A0$1,098,000$1,600,00045.72%
506 Rockdale Drive3/2/N/A7$1,495,000$2,150,00043.81%
1594 29th Avenue2/2/N/A8$1,388,000$1,990,00043.37%
1435 Shafter Avenue2/2/N/A8$948,000$1,350,00042.41%
500 35th Avenue 502N/A/N/A/N/A12$998,000$1,400,00040.28%
180 Forest Knolls Drive4/2/N/A7$1,695,000$2,375,00040.12%
270 Judson Avenue2/1/N/A10$859,000$1,165,00035.62%

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