Maximum Luxury: Transparently Gorgeous Glen Park Listing Hits Anniversary

Maximum Luxury is a weekly column featuring some of San Francisco’s most expensive homes, usually for no particular reason except that we’re curious.

But in this case there actually is a timely reason to feature the sprawling Midcentury house at 2 Everson: This listing turns one year old this week, originally dropping on December 29, 2020 and still waiting for a buyer today.

(That was the time it hit MLS anyway, the vanity site premiered a few weeks earlier.)

The original $12 million asking price came down to $11 million during the summer, but other than that it hasn’t budged.

This four bed, six bath circa 1971 house spreads across 4,000 square feet, and its emphasis on transparency, with tremendous glass walls, skylights, an oculus, and so forth, bring its soaring Glen Park hills views to bear.

Why no buyers yet? Well, as we’ve noted before, it’s not necessarily unusual for very high-end homes to linger for a while; but when this place went on the market ten years ago, it sold for $3.5 million after just three months.

Looking back at the previous listings, a lot of work has gone into updating 2 Everson starting in 2012. But you wouldn’t call it a full remodel or renovation–more of a medium turn by way of a better color palette, carpets, greater emphasis on all of those windows, a kitchen redo, and basically pulling the place out of the 70s.

The Glen Park hills and nearby Diamond Heights sport some of San Francisco’s most beautiful and secluded views.

But some wealthy buyers consider both places a little out of the way relative to a downtown condo for the same price, so it will be interesting to see who finally bites on an offer like 2 Everson–and after how long.

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