Maximum Overbid: A Recession Repeat Finally Wins Big

With the holiday weekend upon us–where did the time go?–not as many homes closed this week, as SF saw about 100 sales in all since last Friday.

But that doesn’t mean anyone was slacking in the bidding department, as the number one taker, a two bed, two bath Inner Sunset house at 1443 16th Avenue, finished at over 61 percent of its originally listed price, for a very merry $2.17 million-plus stocking stuffer.

In fact, the pricing of this property tells a story: Previously, this house sold in 2009 for $890,000, and before that the most recent sale was in 2002, for over $572,000 (about $883,000 with inflation).

Note the history: Both of those previous sales happened at the tail end of economic slumps, whereas this new, bigger payday comes at a time when demand for single-family SF houses is almost as strong as ever.

Pretty much nothing about the property has changed over the years, shingled facade and all, proving that sometimes nothing is more valuable than time–and your timing.

AddressBR/BA/UnitsDOMList PriceSold PriceOverbid
1443 16th Avenue2/2/N/A7$1,349,000$2,175,00061.23%
11 Mars Street6/6/N/A10$1,695,000$2,550,00050.44%
443 Crestmont Drive3/3/N/A14$1,695,000$2,475,00046.02%
3627 Anza Street2/1/14$1,099,000$1,480,00034.67%
2271 21st Avenue3/2/N/A12$1,295,000$1,700,00031.27%
143 Dublin Street4/2/N/A11$1,095,000$1,432,00030.78%
2174 Fell Street3/2/7$1,795,000$2,300,00028.13%
365 Seneca Avenue3/3/N/A13$1,098,000$1,400,00027.50%
674 3rd Avenue5/3/N/A14$1,995,000$2,535,00027.07%
146 De Long Street2/2/N/A17$988,000$1,250,00026.52%

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