San Francisco Overbids: Golden Gate Heights Home Crushes Old Overbid

Usually, SF overbids are fairly modest affairs–but there’s always room for a surprise, or even consecutive surprises.

In this case, it’s the second week in a row that our top overbid landed at higher than 160 percent of the original asking; the beneficiary this time is 2021 14th Avenue, a Golden Gate Heights house circa 1947 that listed for $1.8 million and went for more than $2.92 million just eight days later.

The last time this house with the deceptively great views (the back half is on a grade looking east) came on the market in 2012 it also sold over asking for $1.31 million, but the difference there was only a few thousand dollars. This time, just the overbid is worth almost as much as the entire price nine years ago.

We can’t really draw broad conclusions about the market based on just one data point about a single property; that said, it’s very tempting to look at this new overbid as something of a parable on the state of SF housing over the past decade compared to the old one. Things in 2012 were hot, sure, but back then we still really had no idea what the future held.

AddressBR/BA/UnitsDOMList PriceSold PriceOverbid
2021 14th Avenue3/2.00/N/A8$1,800,000$2,925,00062.50%
2362 46th Avenue3/2.00/N/A10$1,095,000$1,665,00052.05%
494 44th Avenue2/1.00/N/A11$1,185,000$1,640,00038.40%
161 Anderson Street3/2.00/N/A10$1,595,000$2,203,00038.12%
56 Morningside Drive4/3.00/N/A12$1,795,000$2,368,00031.92%
1534 39th Avenue2/1.00/N/A8$1,195,000$1,555,00030.13%
217 Yale Street4/3.00/N/A25$1,299,000$1,665,00028.18%
2159 15th Avenue3/2.00/N/A0$1,495,000$1,900,00027.09%
3901 Folsom Street 3901 1/23/2.00/N/A12$1,439,000$1,800,00025.09%
628 Haight Street3/2.00/11$1,695,000$2,105,00024.19%

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