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Maximum Overbids Of the Week Ending 9/13/19

Maximum Overbids Of the Week Ending 9/13/19

It’s too damn hot to think….We’re talking about the weather today, not the market. How do people in other parts of the country deal with this heat all summer long? Whether you love or hate the fog, you gotta be wishing for a little of Karl right now.

Anyway…top 10 Overbids of the week keep coming; therefore, we’ll keep providing until they stop.

Address BR/BA/Units DOM List Price Sold Price Overbid
2022 23rd Avenue 2/1.00/N/A 0 $1,095,000 $1,500,000 36.99%
132 Valmar Terrace 2/1.00/N/A 12 $599,000 $800,000 33.56%
21 Woodhaven Court 3/2.00/N/A 13 $1,295,000 $1,720,000 32.82%
1827 15th Street 2/2.00/1 7 $1,199,000 $1,580,000 31.78%
1825 44th Avenue 2/1.00/N/A 12 $995,000 $1,311,000 31.76%
2826 Ulloa Street 2/1.00/N/A 13 $998,000 $1,300,000 30.26%
231 Oxford Street 2/1.00/N/A 10 $995,000 $1,293,000 29.95%
900 Minnesota Street 2/2.00/117 13 $1,199,000 $1,550,000 29.27%
949 Vienna 2/1.00/N/A 14 $848,000 $1,060,000 25.00%
715 Corbett Avenue 2/2.50/ 78 $1,399,000 $1,730,000 23.66%

The market activity is heating up for fall, there are TONS of new listings popping every week. Curious to see what’s just come on? Check out all of the Hot New Listings by following this link. And get on our list to see how the fall pans out. So far, it appears to be pretty brisk. Some of our clients have been whooped on a couple multiple offer situations, but we will prevail! At the very least, there are more choices with each passing day.

Happy Aloha Friday. Get outside! And wear sunscreen. 😉



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