The most recent (sorry for delay) Case-Shiller Home Price Index reports for the Bay Area reflect what appears to be the very beginning of another strong Spring market. All home price tiers saw spikes to either their highest points since 2007 (low and mid-price tiers), or their highest point ever (high-price tier). What we are seeing on the ground in the hurly-burly of current deal-making leads us to believe that the next 2 to 3 months of C-S Index reports will show further home-price increases.

For the past 3 years, the spring selling seasons have seen the most significant jumps in appreciation as surging buyer demand has competed for a severely inadequate supply of homes for sale.

Our full, updated report is online here.

Here are a few charts from our report, reflecting the “high price tier” of homes, which best applies to the San Francisco, Central & Southern Marin and San Mateo markets. Charts illustrating the low and mid-price tiers can be found online.

The past 12 months: case-shiller_1-year

Since the recovery began in 2012: Case-Shiller_High-Tier_2011

Longer-term view: Case-Shiller_from_1990

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