333 Grant Avenue #501 SOLD In Four Days, $20,000 Over Asking

You all remember the great listing I had at 333 Grant Avenue, and I’m sure many of you are wondering how it played out, so let me enlighten you.

To begin, we had a considerable amount of interest (web traffic, phone calls, texts and emails) generated from the blog post I did even before the property hit MLS (something I offer ALL of my clients, and definitely not something you can get with other agents in San Francisco). Had I not been pushing to get this property to MLS for the sake of creating a new comp in the building (previous ones were not very good), we would have likely sold the property “off market”.

A couple days after the announcement here on theFrontSteps, we went to MLS. I put it in the system on a Friday and the phone started ringing. That weekend there were over 10 showings, and requests to “wait until at least the end of the week” before accepting an offer. We had a Tuesday Broker Tour (I was late getting there and agents were lined up (with clients) at the front door). I showed the property several times that afternoon, and the next morning, and was told by a colleague that they’d like to give us an offer right away. I called all interested parties and it looked like multiple offers were coming our way. Not wanting to lose the property, one buyer stepped up, offered $20,000 over asking, made it cash, didn’t want the leased parking, and sealed the deal. There were a couple bumps in the road along the way (like every transaction), but thankfully the other agent was a professional and we got the property sold.

As a result of that quick sale at 333, some other sellers are kicking around the idea of listing their units, and there are multiple buyers that I have on speed dial should that opportunity arise…on or off market.

I keep saying, it’s a good time to sell if you’ve been on the fence, and this is a perfect example why. The previous unit in the building that sold took ages to secure a solid offer, we did it in four days.

I have been relatively silent on the blogging front, but that doesn’t mean I’m not out there working it. If you are on the fence about selling and would like to get a considerable amount of exposure beyond what any other San Francisco agent can offer you for your property, give me a shout ([email protected]), and I’ll come show you my spiel.

333 Grant Avenue #501, Simply Union Square, Simply A Shopper’s Paradise, Simply $620,000 [and sold for $649,000] [theFrontSteps]
“You know me, I’m on the three, three, three….”[Bondi Hipsters-theFrontSteps]

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