From Hero To Zero In Less Than A Week

You know that feeling you get when you’re about to push over the ledge of an 8 foot Ocean Beach bomb? Or the feeling just before you drop an untracked line of cold smoke pow down your favorite chute? Well that’s how I felt for my buyers when I saw this sign post out front of this lovely Cole Valley home at 156 Grattan.

My elation quickly turned from thrill and excitement to the feeling of pearling the nose of your board on said 8 foot bomb, crossing a tip and being sent cartwheeling, full yard sale, down your favorite chute with the entire chairlift above watching.

Alas…the house is not coming on the market, but has been rented. It only took one week to rent it, for a mere $6000/month, and they didn’t even have time to finish putting the sign up out front.

I keep saying, Cole Valley (and San Francisco) real estate is doing just fine…thank you very much.

As for me and my buyers, we’ll continue to lick our wounds until we come out on top.

One thought on “From Hero To Zero In Less Than A Week

  1. $6k That’s a ton of dough to pay for two bedrooms! And this is a small house. I’ve toured it several times (2100 sq FT), and aside. I believe just one small family room up front, noother public spaces aside from the yard.

    From the owners perspective, the yield may be good if they put down just 20% and have refied lately.

    Given how desireable tasefully done houses in cole valley are , it could be enlarged and flipped (or lived in of course), as it’s zoned multifamily and there is plenty of room to expand in the back. Raising the roofline may also be permissable.

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