The Best Real Estate Blog In San Francisco!

We’ve been nominated as a candidate for the Zillow-sponsored “People’s Choice Best Real Estate Blog Award” in San Francisco.

San Francisco Real Estate

Go to Zillow, or click on the badge above and vote for Anyone can vote once per 24 hours. Voting ends at noon (PDT) on Aug. 25, 2010. Once the voting is over, the blog with the most votes will be declared the winner in each city.

Having run a few contests of our own (You know, the Sexy Kind, we’re all too aware of the voting process, so we’re going to ask you to set a little reminder on that there iPhone of yours (CrackBerry if you have that), and go vote every 24 hours for your favorite blog in all of San Francisco real estate. That would be

On a different note, how nice of Zillow to include us, even with all of our rantings about them.