Inside Our New Favorite House: 313 Duncan

It looks like our clients aren’t going to pull the trigger on one of the nicest new homes (soon to be) on the market (313 Duncan), so we’re free to run our mouths.

High resolution pictures coming soon, but for now, here is a glimpse inside the living / dining / eating / entertaining / kitchen area:

The home has gone through a total and complete renovation and seismic retrofit. Essentially, the only thing that remains from the original home is the facade and the cottage out back, which has also been extensively remodeled into a very killer one bedroom / loft cottage with beamed ceilings (tons of sky lights), a studio kitchen and loads of charm. You could probably rent it for close $3,000 month if you needed to.

The large home on the front of the lot that you’d see from the street is now 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, three levels, with a top roof deck and atrium area that would be ideal for an office (women in skirts be warned, the floor is glass that looks all the way down to the living room). Each bedroom has outdoor space directly off the rooms as well as a private bathroom. The kitchen is all Dacor and quite simply awesome (except the glass hood which will certainly meet a few heads when cooking). There is a nice garden and the best part is walking into the home and being able to see all the way through the house to the yard and cottage in the back. Oh, and it has two car parking. Technically, it’s still two units, but more like a large single family with a nice little guest house.

We’ve been in twice now, but would love to take some new clients through before it hits the market (Thursday). Price $2,995,000 (ish). If you’re asking for us to speak to the price, not going to happen. We’ll just say we’re watching this closely.

313 [coming soon]

13 thoughts on “Inside Our New Favorite House: 313 Duncan

  1. Are they the same people looking at the Cole Valley post? What do they (and you) think of C.V. vs. N.V.?? And, the houses seem to be a totally different style, does that matter that much to people or does it fall after price, size, layout, garage, neighborhood, and then you sorta get the style you get???

  2. Sparky,

    I can’t speak to the properties anymore, or the clients. They’re interested. Personally, I like C.V. better. Closer to Marin, beach, Haight, and much less inventory to choose from. It’s a total little bubble (no pun intended).

  3. I like it much better as well. But, I was told, when selling in C.V. last year, that my price was to high for C.V., and if it was in N.V. it would be priced right. I found it very odd, the perseption that N.V. is a better hood.

  4. Sparky, c’mon. You can’t be shocked. You probably like Cole Valley better than the Marina too, but property costs more per sq ft in the Marina as well…

  5. did they really have 30% to put down in cash to qualify in this market? i’d start asking for bank balances and tax returns before i spent any time with clients in this market. don’t trust anybody.

  6. on zillow: last asking price 2.5M. dom 171 – 915sqft.

    question of the day: guess which kindof wave on local zestimates a 900sqft 5br 5ba house will make with a selling price at 2.4 (compared to the zestimate at 960K = about $1000 psf) ?

  7. Yeah. I try not to cringe when people come up to me at an open house and say, “I looked it up on Zillow and … ” But it is becoming difficult. Maybe I should take an acting class.

  8. fluj, people look it up on zillow, because it’s one of the only place with birdview, lot drawing, last sale (~) etc.
    until the MLS is open to the public, spying on a property (assessor’s website, city permits etc) remains a serious commitment and/or an insider process.

    I wouldn’t blame people. Zillow is as good as GoogleMap to plot your open houses on your list – AND it gives information more easily (example: the photo of the facade, and knowing in advance you are looking for the red house with a big tree HELPS a lot while driving/parking).

    Somehow, mega errors on zillow such as the property above (insane area/ppsf) are still useful in the way of trying to get people to realize it doesn’t work. (but on the other hand, my house next door will still see an odd move on the price chart)

  9. I think the MLS is slated to become open to the public in May. I understand the appeal of Zillow. But wow, those Zestimates are annoying.

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