An apples to apples in Sunnyside? It looks that way.

519 Foerster sold for over asking and 75K more than it last sold for in 2005.

(Here’s the link, 519 Foerster not [editor is back in town] cleaned up):

It looks like there was a paint job, and maybe a new floor in the kitchen, maybe not. The 2005 listing advertises a “new home.”

This would seem to go along with the theory I and a number of others subscribe to. The “pockets” theory that there are neighborhoods throughout the city that continue to see appreciation. One of the most surprising and most glaring is the Inner Richmond more parkside properties. But I think Sunnyside/Miraloma Park is another. This one fetched 616 a foot.

— Kenneth (KJ) Kohlmyer a k a der fluj

7 thoughts on “An apples to apples in Sunnyside? It looks that way.

  1. 8% appreciation since 2005? That’s ok i guess. Depends WHEN in 2005 it was last bought.

    Prices went UP 15% from Jan 1, 2005 to Dec 31, 2005 in many locations. So, if it went up 8% from the 2H05, then that’s pretty damn good.

  2. Camping was great. The Griswalds survived multiple bear encounters, and I’m back. More posts tomorrow.

    Thanks to Fluj for putting up some content.

  3. Fluj/someone – Can you tell me which date this was sold?

    Alex, welcome back. Realtor life is the best!

  4. Yeah, late 2004 early 2005 was when the incredible spike occurred for the most part. This one sold 9/15/05 so that’s decent appreciation really.

  5. Fluj – Ok, the 8% gain then is pretty damn good since prices jumped around 15% from Jan 1, 2005 to end of 2005.

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