When the Price is Right

Before you haul off and shoot the messenger, this is one of many emails we receive on a daily basis. We’ve tried to tone the cheerleading down a bit, but when it keeps on coming from other sources (not Realtors) it’s kind of hard to pass up. So…


Awesome places that are priced right continue to sell at competitive prices all over the city.

19 Delmar St. [3 bed, 3 bath, $1,795,000] just went into Escrow as did two condos on Sacramento in the $2.1 range.

Lots of buyers out there! Wow.

No, this is not from MarinaPrime, ResortAtSquawCreek, Later, BoomTime, or any of the other people that sound oddly like the same person. It’s from someone entirely too well connected to not know the difference.

19 Delmar [sfnewsletter listing detail page]

5 thoughts on “When the Price is Right

  1. How many sqft is this house? Or, just let us know what the price/sqft is at $2.1 million for 19 Delmar.

    I only post under this handle, btw. Donno what the similarities are.

    [Editor’s note: We stand corrected. It was a mix up at Head Quarters.]

  2. I’ve heard that there is a difference between houses above $1mil and those below. I’m looking to put my TIC on the market and have been told the bottom end market is sluggish with not as many buyers who can come up with the 20% down. Any thoughts?

  3. “Bottom end” means that your place is old, bad location or needs lots of work. Even the medium end places are not selling well. Vastly different from 12 -18 months ago when everything sold! But if you’re place is top notch finished and “ready to go” there seems to be a lot of activity.

  4. Editor – If you want to fuss about my handle, very well. I won’t post here as often anymore.

    I can’t even type something and get an answer to my questions (what is the estimated sqfootage), so WHY BOTHER? I won’t.

    [Editor’s note: Just poking fun. Obviously we don’t care who uses what handle, because there are many people switching it up.]

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