Your First Look inside 1575 20th Ave

Not your typical Central Sunset home to say the least. Enjoy being the first to get a look inside this 3 bed, 3 bath, custom built, view home at 1575 20th Ave (website and more pics will be up soon). Asking $1,285,000. This house is SWEET! (yes caps)

The front:


The courtyard:


The back:


The living room:


The Kitchen:


The Hallway:


The Master Bedroom:


The Master Bath (great views from that tub!)


One Guest room:


Our contact info: should you like to go take a look.

[Update: Website is now up,]

7 thoughts on “Your First Look inside 1575 20th Ave

  1. yeah, hi. i’d like a few more pictures. i’d like to scroll down the screen a lot more–maybe like 3/4 of the page could be dedicated to pics. could you do that for us/me?

  2. “SWEET”? You have got to be kidding me. Why spend thousands on a custom fabricated, open riser staircase and then use a handrail from Home Depot?

    The whole thing is a mish-mash of styles and poor finish choices.

  3. Yay. That neighborhood needs something modern and striking to break up the gray monotony of misty summer days. Now if we could just have more diverse dining choices along Irving street to do “22nd and Irving produce market” justice, we’d be in good shape.

  4. Zero, you are right in this instance. That handrail is wrong. But choosing a Home Depot item to go along with a custom item is the essence of style. If you can make it work, that is.

  5. Oh yes, the 22nd and Irvine produce market is the best!

    Ideally, the Central Sunset Irvine section will develop into something like Inner Sunset, and maybe spread into the other side of 19th Ave too.

  6. What’s up with all these homes with “open kitchens” ? Don’t people cook anymore ? if you did use the kitchen for cooking in this house, the living room would be “unusable” – the smells, the noise, the mess ??

    Or is that kitchen just for microwaving your “tasty” box of lean cuisine ?

    I am just curious – we’re in the market and an open kitchen like that is a deal breaker for us.

    [Editor’s note: There are plenty of places without kitchens like this. You know who to contact should you need help finding one. ;-) ]

  7. Living in reality: Get a kitchen hood with a big blower. When I remodeled I got one of those 600cfm wall mount kitchen hoods and it works great. when that thing is on it takes all the smoke and smell away. As a matter of fact when that thing is turned full on I can feel the strong draft coming into my kitchen through the window. The higher the cfm the noisier it gets so that’s the trade off you have to make, although most of the hoods are adjustable so at low speed they are not that noisy. There are professional models that go up as high as 1200cfm but for a home chef that may be a bit overkill.

    stay away from the microwave/kitchen hood combos that you see in all these standard remodel jobs. The hood is really underpowered if you cook a lot.

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