18th & Mission: a reader asksed…

Quite a while ago, we put this post up, and actually received a fair bit of insight. But we finally got a bit more scoop from the source, so here it is again, update below.

“What’s up with the building at corner of 18th & Mission? Work has recently started again. This project sat dormant for about four years. There was formerly a Vietnamese veggie market there. The owner told me years ago he was developing condos there. Anyone know what caused the four year construction shutdown? And what is the final project to be? Great to have something on this blighted corner.”


Photo: Intersection of 18th & Mission

I know nothing, have no pictures, and need some help from the Stammtisch or anyone else that cares to enlighten us.

Update: “There are 23 condos being built and we’ll begin marketing them in a few months. The original market owner is still developing the property (after lots of trouble) and will be opening a new and improved market on the ground floor.”

Can’t wait for the pictures and tour! Thanks Josh!

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  1. If that’s the property at 2200 Mission AKA 3417-3419 18th St. (and I think it is), it’s listed on the SF Housing Inventory as having permits (as of 2003) for the construction of 23 units.

    SFBayGuardian noted a while back that: “A few blocks further along, at the southwest corner of Mission and 18th, is where Duc Loi (2200 Mission, S.F.), an Asian supermarket, has been razed for a huge expansion. The new building will include basement-level parking and a supermarket that will be twice as big, at 10,000 square feet. Perched above it will be 23 residential one- to four-bedroom apartments.

    “Howard Ngo, co-owner of the building and the lot with his wife, Amanda Ngo, sees a need to efficiently use limited space. They’ve owned their business for more than 18 years. “We understand the housing in San Francisco is pretty short,” he says. “It was a waste of land in the city, which is not right.” The new apartment complex is slated to open in April 2006. ”

    According to SFGate, the development was going to cost $10m back in 2002 when they were writing about it. The SFGate article said the building would have the units &c. and also a laundry.

    Planning Commission Minutes (2001) covering the project, in which they call Howard Ngo “Howard Mo” but hey …

    Have no clue what caused the delay.

  2. I could swear that I saw the property on the the foreclosure list 6 months ago, scheduled for a trust sale, possibly the owners managed to salvage it, but that’s not a good sign.

    Meanwhile you can eat at ridiculously cheap Yamo across the street.

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