Noe Valley Pocket Listing and “cosmetic fixer”

Since we were recently on the subject of Noe fixers, it’s time to start spreading a little of the insider love. We don’t have pictures, but words. If you’re interested in this place, contact us.

“I have a cute off market single family fixer opportunity in Noe Valley that I wanted to pass on. The two level home is a cosmetic fixer with huge potential. It has a nice two level floorplan, two bedrooms, 1.5 baths, one car garage and a huge garden. There is also potential for adding a third bedroom downstairs (room has high ceilings and a large window) and the seller has schematic plans for renovating the kitchen and adding a second full bath and the asking price is $1.150.000.”

4 thoughts on “Noe Valley Pocket Listing and “cosmetic fixer”

  1. Not my pocket listing baby! The agent actually asked me to take down the post, but when I informed him that I have four interested parties, he retracted his suggestion.

    How ’bout I take you and your better half to dinner and take your picture with the digital camera I already have to show the world some happy new home owners who just scored a sweet pad?

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