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Take note: comments are no longer moderated.

You can view our new, elaborate, multi-paged, legal document here.

Essentially, “as of 1/16/2008 comments will no longer be moderated. You are free to say whatever you like. We will be reading and watching, but if you get into a heated discussion with someone, be prepared to defend yourself and certainly don’t ask us to take care of it. You’re all grown ups (so we assume), so try to keep things civil, have fun, and share insight.

If you have a story or tip you’d like published to the front page of our site, please send it here. Otherwise, we wish you healthy discussions, and arguments. Please don’t turn this into a Craigslist Housing Forum.


Alex Clark (the editor)

14 thoughts on “Our new comment policy

  1. Cool, thnx Alex! I do think obviously if there’s something malicious, or personal that is being posted, that you delete/edit out but keep the main point of the post if possible. You don’t want to go the 40 Year Old Renter’s route and delete everything that doesn’t vibe with his opinion :)

    8 posts in his Noe Valley topic, vs. 20+ everywhere else when something is dire. His manipulation and stubborness probably got him to where he is now as a 40YOR to begin with.

    Keep up the good work Alex, and let freedom reign!


  2. Dude, when I turn 40 I hope you still talk to me on the Internet. Whatever happened to 40 is the new 30, LLL ?

  3. 40 is the new 30. But, i would be very bitter if i was still renting when I’m 40, and missed out on the biggest wealth creation opportunity of my lifetime. Rents are going up. I don’t think Adam is married either, is he? Nobody wants to be with a guy who still rents, is always pessimistic, and continues to mjake poor financial decisions. I feel sorry for Adam, using a blog to help is pain and frustration, and always deleting comments.

    I dare anybody to post a positive comment on the board, and god forbid about where he lives District 7, and how median prices and average prices continue marching higher. He’ll delete you in 2 seconds! lol

    I thank the heavens everyday that I bought 8 years ago, when I was still in my 20’s. My payment now is a joke, and I’m making 5X more.


  4. LandlordLarry, aka ResortAtSquawCreek, aka MarinaPrime, aka PrimeProperty, etc, etc. Maybe Adam deletes your posts because you are a perpetual spammer on many forums often creating multiple personalities in the same thread to push your position?

    Just a guess pal. Is hanging out on real estate forums 24/7 bragging about Marina property values (and now Squaw Creek as well) any less pathetic than being a 40 year old renter?

  5. NotSoPrimeProp – Who are you referring to? I don’t think that Landlordlarry is the same as Resort. And don’t think a MarinaPrime or PrimeProp have ever posted here. Pls elaborate. Did this person do something to you? Trolls love it when the people they attack get all riled up btw. I just put them on ignore.


  6. They are all the same poster. I’m an expert in PrimeProperty and can spot him from a mile away.

  7. Lol, I’m suspect as well? I don’t even permanently live in SF. How does one become an “expert” at a blogger? I donno, but to become an expert at someone’s posting habits is kinda suspect itself no? :)

  8. natedog,

    how many guys do you think live in san francisco with that same name and even know what linked in is?

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